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About Criteo

Criteo, the leader in commerce marketing, is building the highest performing and open commerce marketing ecosystem to drive profits and sales for retailers and brands. 2,700 Criteo team members partner with 18,000 customers and thousands of publishers across the globe to deliver performance at scale by connecting shoppers to the things they need and love. Designed for commerce, Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem sees over $600 billion in annual commerce sales data.

The 600+ members of Criteo Labs work with Scala, C#, Java, Spark, Flink, Kafka, Couchbase, Consul, Cassandra and of course with JS: our code is executed on 10 billion pages / day, we use Typescript, Angular, Polymer or React to build the tools for our 100+ teams and the applications that help our clients control and understand the results of their marketing campaigns.

We pride ourselves on our engineering culture focused on collaboration, technical excellence and constant experimentation and learning. Come to our booth to discover more about us!