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HackCamp Course - Vue.js

HackCamp Course - Vue.js

We have partnered with Hackages to provide this Vue.js HackCamp from November 6 to 8, 2018.

This hands-on HackCamp course will get you up and running with Vue.js technology in only 3 days. In case you didn’t know yet: Vue.js is an increasingly popular, progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable.

You’ll learn all about the basics and core concepts of Vue, as well as how to scale things up for larger applications.


Victor Bury

Victor Bury

Victor is Open Source Engineer at Hackages. He is passionate about all things JavaScript and specially Vue.js, in which he’s immersing himself the last few months.

Anthony Antoine

Anthony Antoine

Anthony is an Open Source engineer at Hackages. He's always enjoyed using Javascript and started playing with frameworks back when Backbone and Ember were part of the Big Three. Nowadays he really likes using Vue and React for projects big and small, while still keeping an eye out for game changing new technologies. He also likes to investigate paradigms diverging from the traditional procedural / object-oriented programming.


Core concepts in Vue

  • Vue Instance
  • Template syntax
  • Directives
  • Event handling
  • Form bindings and validation with vee-validate
  • Components
    • Lifecycle
    • Communication Patterns
    • Component Architecture (SMART/DUMB)
    • Custom Events
    • Slots
    • Async Components

Scaling Up

  • Rapid Vue.js development with
  • Routing
    • Simple Routing From Scratch
    • Core concept of
      • Dynamic Route Matching
      • Nested Routes
      • Programmatic Navigation
      • Named Routes
      • Named Views
      • Redirect and Alias
      • Passing Props to Route Components
    • Advanced in vue-router
      • Guard
      • Data fetching patterns - fetching After/Before Navigation
      • Lazy loading
  • Data fetching using axios
  • State Management using Vuex
    • state management patterns in a nutshell
    • What is Vuex?
    • Using Actions, Mutations and Getters
    • Modules / plugins
    • Composing actions (Promises and Async/Await)
    • Testing
    • Best practices and common pitfalls
  • Testing
    • Unit tests with Jest
    • E2E tests with Nightwatch/ Cypress

Reusability & Composition

  • Mixing
  • Custom Directives
  • Render Functions & JSX
  • Plugins
  • Filters
  • Typescript
  • Advanced Component Patterns

Student requirements:

  • Have a good command with JavaScript
  • Bring your own laptop
  • Have the last stable NodeJS installed
  • Have Git installed
  • Have @vue/cli installed